Ithaca Generator Grand Opening

Ithaca Generator Grand Opening

imagesAre you a do-it-yourself-er? Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty and making things, whether they’re robots, bicycles, or wooden sculptures?

Then you owe it to yourself to check out downtown Ithaca’s makerspace.  The Ithaca Generator has been open since December 2012, but it just held its grand opening ceremony on Saturday March 16th, so there’s never been a better time to visit.

The Ithaca Generator offers the space and equipment needed by various crafts and hobbies: its facilities include a drill press, saws, an Oxy-Acetylene torch, a laser cutter/engraver, a ShapeOko CNC machine, and a Nolan 3D printer. The makerspace is home to several clubs, notably a bike repair club, a 3D printer club, and a math club. Future class topics include woodworking, bicycle frame building, crystal radios, robotic bugs, electricity, and recycled materials projects.

The makerspace movement gives people access to the equipment and knowledge they need in order to make their imagined projects a reality. These unique spaces also enable artists, designers, crafters, programmers, and engineers to come together to pool their resources and ideas. There are a number of other makerspaces in Central New York, including Rochester’s Interlock and Binghamton’s Triple Cities.

Ithaca Generator is located at 116 W. Green Street in downtown Ithaca. For more information, visit their website:

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