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Finger Lakes Distilling Derby Day Party May 4th

            If you like hats, horse races, good food, music and excellent bourbon, you will enjoy the heck out of this upcoming event at Finger […]

E Pluribus Vinum: Finger Lakes Wine Is Presidential Pick

Okay, so maybe none of us at Fresh Dirt scored tickets to the 57th Inauguration, but we can still clink glasses with President Obama!  The Inaugural Luncheon on Monday, January […]

Bread Winners

Wide Awake Bakery was featured in the “New Beginnings” section of Fresh Dirt‘s premier issue. How have things changed since then? We caught up with Stefan Senders and David McInnis […]

Fest Dressed

What could be more inspiring for our first fashion feature than the down home, groovilicious style at Grassroots Music Festival? We took our cameras behind the scenes to capture the […]

My, Oh Maya!

Maya Donenfeld, the featured artist in our DIY section this issue has made a life out of turning something old into something new (and fabulous.) In the introduction to her […]

Hush Little Baby–Richie Stearns with the Horseflies

We love this video from the Horseflies, which made it to MTV in the ’80s. Excellent song! Hauntingly beautiful vocals and violin! (And that is enough exclamation points for one […]

Are You a Finger Lakes Wine Snob?

Some longtime Ithacans still think Finger Lakes Wines are overpriced or overrated. That’s so ten years ago. A decade or so ago, you might have heard grumblings about Finger Lakes […]

War and Peace

Returning to civilian life after serving in Iraq and afghanistan, a growing group of veterans find refuge through art and farming. In a humid greenhouse on the backroads of Trumansburg, […]

The Soon-to-Be Greenest Houses in Ithaca

The Aurora Dwelling Circle, slated for completion in early 2013, will include five housing units sharing a common yard, gardens, compost, and garages. They’ll also incorporate elements of the German […]

New Beginnings: The Good Life Farm

No tractors and no insecticides means managing a staff of horses and turkeys. Sometimes innovation means going a little retro. Melissa Madden is always thinking about how best to make use […]