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Shoots and Leaves at Stick and Stone

Chaw Chang, Lucy Garrison, and their children: Greta (6), Ezra (3), and Rhoda (1) at the Stick and Stone Farm stall at the Ithaca Farmers Market at Steamboat Landing.
Rutabagas from Muddy Fingers Farm. Muddy Fingers grows an array of vegetables, fruits, and herbs to support its CSA and to sell at area farmers' markets and local restaurants.

New Beginnings: Wide Awake Bakery

Bread-making was just a hobby for Mecklenburg resident Stefan Senders, until he left academia to launch a bread CSA. Now dozens of members line up to get their weekly bread. […]

Crop Mob!

Flash mobs meet agriculture in this boon to local farmers. Rachel Firak and Katie Church, inspired by a New York Times article about a group of 19 strangers who descended […]

New Beginnings: Keeley’s Cheese Co.

Keeley McGarr returned to her family’s dairy farm in King Ferry to launch her own cheesemaking business. It’s only year two, and she’s already developed a following. Most people, when […]

3 Steps to Greener Feet

1. Before you buy, do some legwork. Simple Shoes ( lowers your sneaks’ footprint—they‘re made from recycled tires, plastic bottles, and organic cotton. (Get the style below at Fontana‘s for $65.) […]

Make Art, Not Junk!

Duchamp did it 100 years ago, kids do it at the Sciencenter’s Reinvention Station today, and now turning castoffs into artistic creations is becoming a national trend. Justin Whitaker, whose […]


Cartoons by Marshall Hopkins, graphic design professor at TC3 and former assistant cartoon editor at The New Yorker.

A Secret History: The Cayuga Nature Center, Then and Now

Now: Close to 25,000 adults and children visit the Cayuga Nature Center each year for hands-on lessons in wildlife and environmental studies. They participate in Critter Camps; play in Treetops, […]

New Beginnings: Roots Rose Radish

Whipped up in a kitchen in Freeville, Christian Toscano’s handcrafted line of organic cleansers and lotions are more than skin deep. Christian Toscano admits she’s one picky customer. The cabinets […]

Savior of Buffalo Street Books

When Ithaca’s last full-service independent bookstore faced imminent death, local citizens wondered, could anyone help? The answer was obvious: What about Bob? On a drizzly, cold day last February, Gary Weissbrot, owner […]


One day, not long after the oil started pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, I came across a blog entry by Michelle Schoffro Cook called “Advice From an African Medicine […]