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Shoots and Leaves at Stick and Stone

Chaw Chang, Lucy Garrison, and their children: Greta (6), Ezra (3), and Rhoda (1) at the Stick and Stone Farm stall at the Ithaca Farmers Market at Steamboat Landing.
Rutabagas from Muddy Fingers Farm. Muddy Fingers grows an array of vegetables, fruits, and herbs to support its CSA and to sell at area farmers' markets and local restaurants.

The Greenest House in Ithaca

You may have noticed the white stucco house with the green roof that sits on the corner of Cascadilla and Second, behind an incredible garden that seems hardly able to […]

Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Marcellus

I. When it falls into water, dust changes its name to silt. When silt settles, particle by sinking particle, to the bottom of an ocean, it can be pressed into […]

The Dano Diet

The old saying goes, “Never trust a skinny chef,” but Dano Hutnik, owner of the renowned Dano’s Heuriger on Seneca, recently broke the mold and tightened his apron at the […]