Fresh Faces at Fresh Dirt

Fresh Faces at Fresh Dirt

You may have noticed that Fresh Dirt has a small masthead.  As in, we can (and often do) hold staff meetings around a large dining-room table.  We love the flexibility of being a small magazine, but sometimes we need a little backup.  So please give a warm welcome to our Spring 2013 interns, who will be posting on the web, researching and fact-checking articles, taking photos, and writing!

Our two writing interns, both students at Cornell, are Daveen Koh and Martin Zorrilla; our two photography interns, both students at Ithaca College, are Graham Hebel and Rachel Orlow.  Here they are, in their own words:

Daveen Koh

Shopping at Green Star, watching Shakespeare in the Plantations, and discussing LEED in class — amid these pursuits I realized that sustainability could be a way of life. I grew up in Singapore, and even after three years as a student of city planning and art history at Cornell, I’m still mesmerized by Ithaca’s beauty. Ushering at theaters and working on The Cornell Daily Sun are among my best experiences here. Mostly, though, I write, read about art, and eat dessert. I was very taken with Fresh Dirt’s celebration of people and places in Ithaca, and I’m excited to start writing.

Martin Zorrilla

I am an interdisciplinary studies major in my fourth year at Cornell. My interests are an odd mix that include insect biology, writing, and international relations.  I owe this, and much more, to my unique upbringing.  My home is a small eco-lodge framed by a cloud forest reserve in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. The lifestyle I grew up in was one of sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social justice.  In Ithaca I have rediscovered these values, and have been amazed at number of inspiring people doing remarkable things, while living beautiful lifestyles.  To me that is what Fresh Dirt is all about, and I can’t wait to start!

Graham Hebel

Hello world! My name is Graham Hebel. I’m a senior photography major at Ithaca College and I aspire to become an editorial and fashion photographer. I’m excited to be joining Fresh Dirt because it covers many themes that I enjoy learning about. My architect father introduced me to architecture at a young age. However, I only recently started investigating green architecture. I prefer architecture that is modern, minimalist, and eco-friendly. I am also interested in green fashion and technology.

Rachel Orlow

Hello, this is Rachel Orlow speaking. I am a senior at Ithaca College studying photography and anthropology. I feel most at home in the kitchen cooking up some concoction to be perfectly presented on a plate. Eating the dish is only acceptable after it has been photographed from all sides.  Once I graduate, my dreams lie in the Big Apple working for a top-notch culinary publication.

Outside of academia, I’ve got the travel bug. My most recent adventures include a six-week study abroad experience in Siena, Italy, and a two-week cultural immersion in Belize. I wish to see the world and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

I am excited to be an intern for Fresh Dirt because of their focus on locality. So much of our world is dominated by larger monopolies that we often get lost in their power. It is important to break away from that mindset and support the small business communities.

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