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Bread Winners

Wide Awake Bakery was featured in the “New Beginnings” section of Fresh Dirt‘s premier issue. How have things changed since then? We caught up with Stefan Senders and David McInnis […]

Fest Dressed

What could be more inspiring for our first fashion feature than the down home, groovilicious style at Grassroots Music Festival? We took our cameras behind the scenes to capture the […]

My, Oh Maya!

Maya Donenfeld, the featured artist in our DIY section this issue has made a life out of turning something old into something new (and fabulous.) In the introduction to her […]

Savior of Buffalo Street Books

When Ithaca’s last full-service independent bookstore faced imminent death, local citizens wondered, could anyone help? The answer was obvious: What about Bob? On a drizzly, cold day last February, Gary Weissbrot, owner […]

The Greenest House in Ithaca

You may have noticed the white stucco house with the green roof that sits on the corner of Cascadilla and Second, behind an incredible garden that seems hardly able to […]